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Eloah: The Druids
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An alien spaceship crash, an unknown evil passenger, and an Elohim teacher of 'The Way'-the Earth we know will never be the same. Julius Caesar on the Druids, Gallic War, Chapter 14: 'The cardinal doctrine which they seek to teach is that souls do not die, but after death pass from one to another; and this belief, as the fear of death is thereby cast aside, they hold to be the greatest incentive to valor. Besides this, they have many discussions as touching the stars and their movement, the size of the universe and of the earth, the order of nature, the strength and the powers of the immortal gods…' 1000 B.C.E. -- A spaceship crash-lands in Parallel Earth Reality-Eight. Only three of the druid crew members from the planet Arcsis survive the tragedy. Unbeknownst to the crew, an alien being with evil on its mind has hitched a ride. In PER (Parallel Earth Reality)-Three, Eloah, like Buddha before him, is an Elohim teacher of The Way, preparing for a mission among the Atrebate tribe in PER-Eight. The druid crash creates an emergency and an opportunity to start his mission sooner than planned. The alien entity finds a habitable human fetus in ancient Egypt, and here it will grow... and wait to wreak havoc on the human population of PER-Eight. Evolved Publishing presents a short story to kick off the 'Eloah' series of sci-fi/conspiracy thrillers, where you'll discover that Earth is not what you think it is. [DRM-Free] Books by Lex Allen: 'Eloah: The Druids' (A Short Story Prequel) 'Eloah: No Heaven' (Book 1) 'Eloah: No Hell' (Book 2) 'Eloah: No Religion' (Book 3) 'Boomer' [Coming Late 2019] More Great Books from Evolved Publishing: 'Kubrick's Game' by Derek Taylor Kent 'The Seekers' Series by David Litwack 'Forgive Me, Alex' by Lane Diamond 'A Point Thriller' Series by Jeff Altabef

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